Ronald McDonald House Card Donation

Last week we stayed at Ronald McDonald House Parkville Melbourne.

We were back in Melbourne for brain surgery testing for my 11yo Son.

It’s a long trip from Dalby, Queensland.. this time we flew out from Wellcamp in Toowoomba.. which made the 3am up and off in the car at 3:30am a little better as we only had a 1.5hour drive.. as we were meant to fly out at 6am.. sadly they had problems with our plane and were very accommodating and supportive to everyone’s needs.. transferring us onto another flight but this time to Sydney, then a connecting flight to Melbourne.. instead of our 8:30am arrival we finally graced Melbourne at 2:30pm.. and sadly luke didn’t have the best of flights with seizures and he got really badly flight sick! I was glad we were flying a day early for our appointments and was glad in that time Ronald McDonald House had a room come available during that time! I really had no idea where we were going to end up if we didn’t get this accommodation! We stay here over 2.5 years ago when Luke had his first brain surgery for his epilepsy back on the 20th January 2015!


Working at the Airport sorting customer orders… Love that I can take my work anywhere!

A lot has changed since we stayed.. they have dinner most nights which was perfect after the day we had! I really was only looking for a bath and bed. Totally exhausted we were truly grateful for the beautiful dinner provided. Bed by 8pm we were back up at 6am to head across the road to Melbourne Royal Children’s Hospital by 7:30am.. the weather wasn’t as cold as we expected! It was a big day at the hospital again with a MRI PET scan of Lukes brain. They inject a radiation tracer into him and he had to lay quiet and still for 1/2 hour.. this is very difficult when you are a boy and 11! Oh and so hungry because you have to fast for the GA! Finally by 11am he was in for his scan and I could settle for a big brunch.. and a large long black that I had dreamt about all morning!!

Again once luke was out of GA he was very tired so we again had another quiet afternoon over at RMH. Grateful again for dinner that night.

They give so much. Beautiful rooms with heating and cooling, tv.. and they also provide free laundry facilities along with a huge kitchen. Once we worked out the laundry facilities and the oven we were pretty well set!

With only short walks to the hospital it takes a lot of stress out of your time there.

We stayed 6 nights (was meant to be 10) and Luke’s stay in hospital last week went so well hooked up to the VEEG monitor that we were released after one night.. said to get the results needed he had to have many seizures.. now we wait for the Neurology team to decide when they will operate and how they will go about it! Luke isn’t scared.. I’m sure as time gets closer things will change. I know I’m pretty stressed again about the whole thing! But they are the best!

All wired up, checking on the Meerkats while we wait for a hospital bed to come available…

We have only stayed at Parkville and 2 in Brisbane.. and each time we are blown away by their support! Luke is also part of their school program. They supply 40 hours of tutoring for him and have even helped pay for OT and Speech.
This is why I like to make Beautiful cards for them. They have them available for families to purchase or they use them for fundraising etc!

Before I packed to go to Melbourne I did a free online class with my VIP Customers. We all grabbed our STASH of Washi tape and made a heap of cards using up our Washi tape! It’s something everyone seems to collect but not use!

I turned all my cards into cards for Ronald McDonald House.. here are the cards I made for them!

I’ve decorated each of the cards with currently stamps….. which one do you like?


10 thoughts on “Ronald McDonald House Card Donation

  1. I couldn’t possibly pick a favourite. I love them all. Such a great way to give back to such a fabulous, supportive foundation. You have inpired me. Now… off to dig out my washi tape!


  2. These are gorgeous cards! My 5 yo son has Leukemia and we have stayed at the RMH in New Orleans, Louisiana several times in the last year and a half during his treatment. I want to do something like this for them also but I am not sure how to go about it!


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