Tropical Chic Card

Hello fellow followers!! I’m such a slack blogger.. I live in a fast pace world of just quickly up loading to FB or instagram that I forget about my poor blog! Anyway..

Today I did a random Facebook live.. you will find it on my business page!

We made this card!!! I explained my thought processes… how you can step up the card some more… how I did the inking… please go watch!

These are how I played around with my cards to decide what colours I’d make.. and because I put them on 6×4 sheets of cardstock I can now keep a record for future projects….

If you’d like to purchase any of these items let me know! I do have a hostess code each month with a little freebie! And you can also come along to my monthly card classes too here in Dalby!

I’m always keen for new team members.. so if you are interested in a discount let me know!

Make sure you pop over to my Facebook live and watch the replay!!

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