About Me

My Name is Josie Dean. I have a wonderful Supportive Husband Jeff and 2 beautiful children, a daughter Ashley (15) and a Son Luke (11).

I’m a Creative Artist, Art Class Teacher, Art Designer/Consultant.

I love what I do. I have had many hats … I’m a qualified Personal Carer and a bank Officer. Also worked in a foodstore and also a Newsagent/Chemist. I love Helping others, hence why I now am an artist.

My household at times seems crazy.. I have a child who has epilepsy. He has had Brain surgery for it back in January 2015, and will also go back this year 2017 for more. I help run an Australian Parents Epilepsy Group. Raise Money for Epilepsy Queensland, and I also spend a lot of time at school helping with classrooms, events and P&F..

I’m also a donor recipient.. I now have 2 donor corneas, and I am for ever grateful for this. I am glad that I have been able to get my sight back!

I love to create..It helps take my mind off Life! Great when you are stressed and suffer anxiety…

I started as a Hobbyist back in 2012 with Stampin’ Up! but quickly in 2013 started holding classes at my home… I love my team and I’m always looking for great enthusiast team members who also would love to make money from their craft! If this is you, please click join my team!