Classes for 2017

Please let me know what you will be interested in..

Normal monthly card class with 3 cards.. these will just be a themed class. Cards will range from beginner to advanced.. First Card being more beginners than each card is stepped up.. you will build your confidence as you make each card! Click here-> I’m interested in Normal Monthly Card classes

Fancy Fold Card Class.. This class will be classed as more an advanced class.. most classes will just involve one card. I might even ask that you bring a trimmer if you have one to make the class go ahead faster. Click here-> I’m interetsed in Fancy Fold Card Classes

Memory keeping class.. This will involve making a 6″x8″ page/pages.. First class will involve you trying the project at a minimal cost. So you aren’t paying out a lot for something you don’t enjoy. After that you will form a monthly group where I will offer deals and payment plans on getting you the kits needed and encouraging you to use it. More information will be supplied once I know who is interested or not. This is great for beginners and Advanced.. I can encourage you from what ever level you wish to take on this project! Click here-> I’m interested in Memory Keeping Classes

Kids classes.. These will be offered mostly school holidays.. depending on what I have planned.. with some classes thrown in where possible.. I’ve thought about doing Girls Only and Boys Only! And also mixed Gender classes.. classes won’t just be only offered to just boys or just girls.. but meaning Girls Only will be just girly cards.. and some boys might be interested in this too and vice versa! Depending on the age and skill of the child, you may be required to stay. (I do hold a Blue Card) This class will go from 1 to 2 hours. Click here –I’m Interested in Kids Classes

Birthday Party- Want something different.. why not book a card class for your child’s birthday or even yours.. I will need at least 3 weeks notice.. and it can’t be at times I have my normal classes planned. It will be a set cost per person.. around $5 per person.. depending on the level you’d like.. Ages from 8 and up. Message me to discuss what you’d like.. Email me at or call me on 0429694093 or you can FB message me on my business page

Host A Party.. Hosting a party.. you will do a basic make and take with your friends.. I will show the card stepped up. You will earn Stampin Rewards on the sales of your party! It’s a great way to build your stash and get FREE stuff! Great time to do this is when we have NEW catalogues out, when you are looking at making wedding invites etc.. if you are interested let me know and we can discuss this more! I can travel up to 2 hours from Dalby, and further if it suits! Email me at or call me on 0429694093 or you can FB message me on my business page