Organising your craft space- Scrap Cardstock Stash! 

I know many struggle to have a craft space that is practical and tidy. I used to have a bag of blues, greens, pinks….. etc of cardstock scraps in a big container.. and what a mess it would get! 

Especially when you teach classes and do up card kits! I’d like to say I’m pretty savvy with my cardstock but when you look at my pile of scraps I often wonder if I really am.. or am I just getting better as I get more organised! 

When I go to get a class ready I often look at what I do have in my scraps before I actually cut a new piece of cardstock! 

Yes I get paid for these classes but in reality you never get your money totally back unless you charge everyone big $$ and send scraps home with them.. I like to keep my classes affordable and have them at the set $$ figure each month so they know what to save for! 

How are you keeping your cardstock scraps so you get your money’s worth? Please share in comments below! You can even leave a link for others! 

About a year ago I decided to take over our filing cabinet that is connected to my scrapbook table! I bought another filing cabinet off FB and use it to fit the 2 draws of files that use to take up space in my desk and the other 2 I use for all my catalogues, envelopes etc.. 

but with my desk filling cabinet I have labelled and colour coded each file with my scraps.. each file either contains 1 or 3 different colours.. depending on how much scraps I have.. there are some colours I really need to use more for classes and cards! And I can see that at a quick glance! 

I’m yet to do something with my very vanilla and whisper white.. I often wonder if I keep too much of it! I recently went through it all and cut out 3 tins worth of card faces for my up and coming event.. #JosiesCardsForACause2017 

I’m sure we will also smash my scrap stash! 

Being tidy from the start surely helps with creativity?!? 

Enamel look dots in every colour and size

Have you always wanted to just add a rhinestone or enamel dot or shape to your page or card but it just wasn’t the right colour..

Well all you need is a Stampin’ Write Marker and some fine tip glue..

14962646_1100199426745891_5947602082284104382_n Now I have a few tips….

  1. Don’t shake your fine tip glue, as this causes bubbles..
  2. make sure you have the first air bubble out… as it will cause a bubble on your project.
  3. if you need to do say 3 dots for holly.. and they are together it is best to do the first dot, let it dry, than the next and again let it dry.. than the last.. otherwise it will just spread all together and look messy…
  4. fine tip glue doesn’t take long to dry.. less is best!

Here you can see how the bubbles make it look messy..

If you need to order some fine tip glue, this month only I have an offer of buy 3 adhesives and get the 4th cheapest free.. only available till the 22nd November. Contact me for more information…