Creations from the past few months.. 

Here is a photo heavy post.. a few creations I’ve done this year. I share most of these to my other card selling business page.. I use 99.999% of Stampin’ Up!

Sometimes I might add the odd button or gem that isn’t SU.. but not very often!

I will share some more creations over the next few weeks! 

An A4 90th Birthday card.. 

These 4 cards will be for sale soon.. half will go to the Gold Coast and the others on my business card page..

A very special 16th Birthday card I made for an Epilepsy Angel! 

Luke’s 11th Birthday Card, which he LOVED! 

I was asked to make a boys birthday card who loved music! #onstagelive2016 swap

A couple of baby boy cards I made! Just playing with the fox builder set

Playing with Christmas stamps!

A Birthday card for my Beautiful Husband!

Stitched with Cheer Project Kit- November Class!

So this month is a very busy month for me.. (VERY BUSY!)

And I didn’t want to let my Beautiful monthly class ladies down.. Anyway I offered the Stitched With Cheer Project Kit.. now I felt very lazy offering it.. but after just making 3 cards one of each.. I’m so in LOVE!  It looked hard.. but it’s very simple.. I could whip out the whole 18 very fast! And they are Beautiful cards for special friends! The quality are just so fabulous.. such a strong card! And something I will be offering again. 

I offered the class with 3 options.. 

3 cards, 6 cards or the full pack, so this class is designed for the beginner through to the advanced! 

I know my ladies are going to Love the class tomorrow! 

I still have a full pack of 18, or a pack of 6.. if you’d like to join the class tomorrow at 1:30pm!

Let me know and I can give you more details! 

If you’d still like to do this class early December.. I’m sure we can fit a time that suits both of us!! 

Achievements 2016


I often keep my goals close to my heart. I hate feeling pressure. I don’t like people to know because if I fail than I feel that people will judge me.. But at the end of the day you can not achieve these goals without the support of your customers, friends and family. 2016 started like every other… I rang Demo Support and was lucky enough to have Clare believe in me. We set goals (most of which I ended up doing it differently lol) Just roll the dice and see where you land… I just wanted to start a team to share ideas with, form a friendship. And I have done that. Next I really want to Work on my team. Building them up and helpi them achieve dreams as well. Their dreams might just be to spend more me time creating.. or building a team for their selves.  what ever it is I’d like to help support them. My dream has always been to do a stage walk. Normally you do it for all achievements, but with too many of us we did a lot of standing and sitting for each goal!

14937181_1410959712255445_1829661129487986394_n-2 Here I am walking the stage for my achievement of Silver Elite.


And I thought for a minute that the backstage crew member was going to leave me hanging… and I’d have to drop to the ground.. in a skirt! bahaha

I also achieved




I’m hoping to build my team in the next 12 months, because it is always nice to craft with a team, than alone….

14639891_1404641909553892_1875787384220529506_n    14908222_1406579016026848_9110024873811482469_n